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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all sales of products manufactured or distributed by Royal Stones. Distributor and consumer fully acknowledge the terms and conditions expressed herein. These terms and conditions will bind all parties mentioned above for ordering, delivery and product acceptance.

Applicable laws

  • Royal Stones’ terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Quebec province in Canada. The parties undertake to submit any dispute arising from a contract to the competent court of the district of Varennes, in Quebec province.


  • The quantity and quality of the products are accepted upon their delivery by the distributor and the consumer and/or their representatives. If the products delivered show defects prior to their installation, one must contact Royal Stones within 48 hours of the delivery in order to report the situation.


  • Royal Stones is not responsible for premature deterioration of the boxes and stains/dirt on the product surface caused by poor storage conditions.

Price List

  • Royal Stones’ price list is effective from march 1st to february 28th of the following year. Prices are subject to change without notice during the year.

Order preparation and lead time 

  • A 48 hour period must be allocated for any order preparation. If the order needs to be shipped faster, you can contact our customer service.
  • Our lead time varies between 5 and 20 working days depending on the time of the year and the product/color ordered. This lead time may vary without notice. Please contact our customer service for current lead times.

Order cancellation fees

  • Order cancellation needs to be made as soon as possible. If they are made more than 48 hours after Royal Stones sent the order confirmation, there is a 25% cancellation fee of the total amount of the order.

Order pick-up delay and storage fees 

  • When Royal Stones confirms an order is ready for pick-up, the distributor has 14 business days to organize pick-up. If the order is not picked up after 14 business days, a 25$ fee per day per skid will be charged.

Special orders

  • Royal Stones can manufacture a product in a custom colour if the colour is available in Royal Stones’ standard colours or if it’s a Royal Stones’ discontinued colour. For all special orders, a flat rate ranging from 1$/Sq. ft. to 2$/Sq. ft. depending on the colour will be added to the effective price list of Royal Stones. The minimum order quantity for a special order is 150 Sq. ft. All quantities ordered must be purchased and no product return will be accepted. The distributor commits to buy up to 10% more Sq. ft. than what was initially ordered. Always contact customer service to confirm current lead time.
  • Royal Stones can produce special colours. In this event, a minimum quantity of 1500 Sq. Ft. must be ordered. A flat color development fee of 395$ is payable before the colour development starts. The extra cost to be applied to the current price list will vary depending on the colour to be developed. Quantities ordered must be purchased in full and no returns will be accepted. The distributor commits to buy up to 10% more Sq. ft. than what was initially ordered. Always contact customer service to confirm the current lead time.

Sample board orders

  • Royal Stones will provide sample boards in sufficient quantity to its distributors in order to properly promote the products. Sample boards quantity provided will vary based on the distributor business volume over a 12-month period. Sample boards will be shipped with a product order.
  • Shipping fees of any promotional marketing tool (literature, sample boards, banners) ordered is at the expense of the distributor or consumer.
  • Beyond the initial promotional marketing tools supplied by Royal Stones to its distributors, additional sample boards ordered will be charged to the distributor at 25$/sample board.


  • Royal Stones uses third-party transport services. Royal Stones will not be liable for late deliveries or for delays resulting from the loss or damage of products in transit.
  • Unless otherwise specified, Royal Stones’ delivery terms are FOB Varennes and subject to standard packaging and shipping methods.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all costs and charges of carriers related to storage and handling will be billed to the distributors.
  • Royal Stones can’t be held responsible in the event of product loss or damage in transit. In this event, the distributor must contact the carrier to make a claim. Royal Stones will assist the distributor in its claim with the carrier if a notice of such claim is brought to Royal Stones attention.