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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. 1
    Do you offer a warranty?

    We offer a 50-year limited warranty on our stone products, but not on their installation.

  2. 2
    How do I clean the stones?

    Use water and a mild detergent. The use of a pressure washer, metal brush, acid cleaning agent, bleach, paint solvent or any other cement cleaner is not recommended.

  3. 3
    What type of surface is required before proceeding with the installation?

    First, the surface must be solid. Then, depending on the type of installation (indoors or outdoors) refer to the installation guide on the  Installation page of our website.

  4. 4
    Should your stones be coated with a sealant?

    A sealant is not necessary. However, if you prefer to use a sealant, contact us to see whether the sealant is recommended for the type of installation desired. However, it is advisable to use a sealant on flat products such as wall caps and column caps.

  5. 5
    Can your stones be used on the ground?

    No, our stones are for use on wall surfaces only.

  6. 6
    Can your stones be used to build water fountains and swimming pools?

    Royal Stone products are not recommended for use under a water line, or in a pool or water fountain. Owing to the large quantity of water and humidity, our product may deteriorate and become discoloured. We recommend the use of natural stone for these applications. However, normal exposure to water such as rain or snow will not alter the structure or colour of our product. It is designed for this type of installation and complies with masonry product standards.

  7. 7
    Can your stones be cut?

    Of course. Use a diamond saw blade or a concrete blade. However, note that the colour will differ where the stone is cut. The aggregate will be visible, however mortar may be used to cover the cut area.

  8. 8
    What is the average thickness of your stones?

    One to two inches depending on the model and its texture.

  9. 9
    What is the weight of the stones??

    The weight of the stones varies from eight to 11 pounds per square foot.

  10. 10
    Do your products maintain their colour?

    The colour used in the production of our products is iron-oxide based and the main component used in colouring. Iron oxide has the same ageing properties as natural stone.

  11. 11
    Do you install your products?

    Royal Stone does not offer installation services. However, we will be pleased to recommend to you a certified masonry contractor.

  12. 12
    Can I install the product myself?

    Yes, if you are comfortable working with masonry tools. Anyone can install our products by following the installation instructions available on the Installation page.